XOVER offers you the extraordinary opportunity to purchase brand new premium and luxurious products at a fraction of its cost. Simply because most products are purchased from XOVER for mere pennies from our partners and invested companies, we dare claim that we can offer over 99% off the MSRP of a product, and we mean it!


how do we do it?

XOVER is a reverse bidding auction website, where the lowest unique bid wins! At XOVER, simply "outbidding" your competition won't quite cut it. Combining elements of strategy, market research, timing and ruthless bidding, XOVER will get your adrenaline pumping yet!


Adding a twist to regular auctions, securing a win at XOVER involves the following two criteria:

The bid placed has to be the lowest bid  The bid has to be unique (i.e. there is no other bid offered that is the exact same amount)

Ever wanted to own a brand new BMW for a dollar? Now you can, with XOVER! Unlike regular auctions, we offer brand new products (*unless otherwise stated in the auction) up for bids, and not some forgotten hand-me-down from yesteryear.


Patience, Strategy and Ruthless Bidding

He that has patience can have what he will. XOVER is the thinking man's game, if you must. Biding your time to place your bid, knocking out another person's bid and studying bidding patterns while deciding on your own bid are all in a day's work of any live auction on XOVER.


Sounds complicated?

Keeping it simple is actually the name of the game. With a few correct nudges in the right direction, you will soon be on your way to bidding and winning too!



Try and predict where you think the closing price of the auction will be at, and place bids around that mark first. Look at past auctions to determine your mark. Get your bids in early, and late. When you get in the game early, you will not risk missing the closing date and time of an auction (where applicable). 75% of most bids come in at the final stages of an auction, and getting in at this time to knockout the competition (literally placing similar bids to ensure that the other bids are "non-unique") will ensure your win!