XOVER Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q1. Do I have to pay to take part in this service? It looks too good to be true?

A1. All you have to do is register with our authorized dealers and start bidding. When you wish to bid or place a bid you just have to buy credits. The credit options are on the bidding page.


Q2. How does XOVER Work?

A2. XOVER is a unique and fresh way to win items at auction for a fraction of their retail value. The winner of each auction is not necessarily the highest or lowest bidder, just the lowest Unique bid (no one else has bid the same amount).


Q3. What process is involved to make a winning bid?

A3. After joining XOVER, members select the item they wish to bid on and place a valid bid that does not exceed the displayed max price.

Members may bid as often as they wish on available items. Each valid bid will be documented in the My Account page of our website.

A bidding fee will be charged for each valid bid. The amount of the bidding fee is determined item by item.

Bidding fees for each item are displayed with each auctioned item on the XOVER website.

The auction will successfully close upon the pre-determined end date as indicated by the countdown timer. (No withdrawal of completed bids)

The Bidder that submitted the lowest unique valid bid will win the right to purchase and pay for the product at the price of the winning bid. The process of determining the winner will be as follows:

The successful Bidder (the winning bid) will be reflected in the "Winners" archives. The winning bid will also be reflected in the "My Account" of the winner.

The auctioned item will be processed and shipped to the address on record for the successful bidder (within the terms of the auction) once any and all payments due have been received as cleared funds by XOVER.


Q4. How much does it cost to bid?

A4. For each auction there is a Bidding Fee amount. Each credit costs $1.00 to purchase. So an auction with a bid price of $2.00 would in effect be costing you $1.00 per bid. However, in the event of a successful bid, it will cost you the price of the successful bid and the bid fees of the unsuccessful bids.


Q5. How do I bid?

A5. If you bid the maximum or minimum price, you will not necessarily win the auction. The winner of the auction will be the person who has bid the lowest unique price. For example, if the max bid price is $100.00, you could bid $99.99. If $99.99 is the lowest unique bid (no one else bid that amount) you will win the auction.


Q6. What is a Unique Bid?

A6. A bid is unique when there hasn't been another bidder bid that same amount. The lowest unique bid wins each auction.

For example, if there is an auction with only three bids, two bidders place a bid of $5.00 and one bidder bids $9.00, the $9.00 bid will win because it is the lowest unique bid.

Another example could be: If there is an auction with only three bids, two bidders place a bid of $0.47 and one bidder bids $0.17, the $0.17 bid will win because it is the lowest unique bid.

Remember the lowest bidder may not win the auction - it is the lowest unique bid that will ultimately win the auction.


Q7. How can I increase my chances of winning?

A7. XOVER is different from regular auctions, giving everyone an equal chance of winning every auction. The winning bid will never be more than the max price set for each auction. 

There are no methods by which a bidder can gain an advantage over other bidders.

All bids are kept hidden until the end of each auction.

The only way to increase your chances of winning is to bid multiple times, obviously someone who bids five times would have more of a chance of winning than someone who bids just once.

If you bid multiple times on the same auction you are increasing your chances of winning that auction by covering a wider range of bids.


Q8. When can I submit bids?

A8. Bidders may submit valid bids at any time of the day or night as long as an auction is still open.


Q9 Can I submit more than one bid per auction?

A9. The number of valid bids for any given auction is unlimited. There is no limit to the number of valid bids a member may submit for an auctioned item.


Q10. How are successful bids determined?

A10. Upon receipt of the required quantity of valid bids, XOVER will review all valid bids and identify the successful valid bid, being the lowest unique bid.

The bidder that submitted the lowest unique valid bid will win the right to purchase the product. The successful bidder will receive a notification email directing them to confirm their order within five(5) business days. In the event that an auction has no unique valid bids, the Bidder that first submitted the lowest non-unique valid bid will win the product. (As per Q3. above)


Q11. Can I see what the winning bid was in an auction?

A11. Members may check the winning auction bid for successfully closed auctions in the Winners archives on the website.

Bidders may also review the status of any auction for which they submitted a valid bid by clicking on the My Account Link at the top of the page.

Click on the Live Auction link to see what you are currently bidding on, and the status of the bid.


Q12. I tried to submit a bid but it keeps telling me "my bid is higher than the max price". What am I doing wrong?

A12. Bids cannot exceed the max Auction price as indicated for each item auctioned on the website.


Q13. Can I cancel or change my bid after it has been submitted and confirmed?

A13. All valid submitted bids are final and cannot be cancelled or changed. Any question regarding the validity of a bid should be submitted by clicking on the Contact Us link.


Q14. When do the auctions end?

A14. The auctions end when the end date has been reached as indicated by the countdown timer. However, XOVER reserves the right to extend, amend or remove any auction at its sole discretion.


Q15. What is a bidding Fee credit?

A15. Credits are our way of making the bidding process easier for you.


Q16. What is the administration/handling fee?

A16. The administration/handling fee (also known as the Bidding Fee) varies from auction to auction. The Bidding Fee is the fee charged to make an individual bid in an auction. You can check how many Credits you have by visiting the My Account page


Q17. How much will the postage and packaging be on each item?

A17. If the item is to be delivered elsewhere or you require special delivery instructions above and beyond our normal postage procedures, you may incur extra fees as described in the Terms and Conditions.


Q18. How do I receive the product if I am the successful Bidder?

A18. Upon receipt of payment of the winning bid amount from the winning bidder the item will be shipped to the address on record for the successful Bidder. All items will be shipped standard via a carrier of XOVER’s choosing.


Q19. Are any of the items used or refurbished?

A19. At present, all auctioned items are new and include the full manufacturer's warranty. XOVER may, at a later date, offer refurbished items or pre-sold items on consignment (these will be clearly marked).

All Bidders and the public in general will be notified of the change at that time. Look in the auctions details section of any listed auction. If the goods/products are used, refurbished or pre-sold items this is where you will be notified.

USED Vehicles are SOLD AS SEEN. A used vehicle will clearly have the date of registration shown. Used vehicles come with no warranties or guarantees of roadworthiness or reliability (other than that which is required by law). Although every effort is made to ensure the vehicles are of a high standard.

Any and all used vehicles sold are sold as is, where is (Unless otherwise specified). XOVER make no guarantees to the vehicles roadworthiness. A winning bidder of used vehicle auctions should have that vehicle checked over by a qualified motor dealership as soon as possible. Collection of the vehicle is the winner's responsibility. Winners may be required to participate in publicity pictures/news stories.


Q20. Do you offer a cash alternative?

A20. At XOVER’s discretion, we may offer a cash/cheque alternative to any winning auction this cash alternative is no less than 60% of the auctions listed Normal MSRP price.


Q21. Can I review the auctions I've entered?

A21. Yes, by clicking on the My Account link at the top of the page.


Q22. How do I cancel my membership?

A22. If you wish to cancel your membership with XOVER simply fill out the Contact form on XOVER with the request to cancel. Please keep in mind you will lose any and all bidding fee credits you have in your account, all bidding history, and you will no longer receive Bid Watch or Bid Alert messages. You may choose to sign up at any time in the future but you will be starting afresh with no bidding fee credits or XOVER history.


Q23. Why can't I log in?

A23. You must first register and then confirm your registration via the link in the email, that was sent to you at your registered email address, to log in.


Q24. It says my user name or email address is invalid when I try logging in.

A24. Make sure you're using the valid email address or user name that was used when you registered. If you changed your email address in my Details then you must log in with the email address. Also make sure your email address is in the proper format.


Q25. Are all payments secure?

A25. Yes. All payments are handled through secure payment solutions.

Need more answers? Contact XOVER.