Introducing the Lowest Unique Bid auction system!

Ever wanted to lay hands on the latest and most exciting electronic gadget for a fraction of its price? Been eyeing that gorgeous timepiece for ages now, but unwilling to fork out a tiny fortune for a piece of luxury? At XOVER, we offer the best, the most desired, the craziest items up for auction for mere pennies! Yes, you read that right. Pennies!

At XOVER, you can buy the latest and greatest products at a ridiculous price that you won't be able to find elsewhere! Penthouses for a dollar! Ferraris for a dollar! Gold bars for a dollar! We MUST be crazy!

All these, and more! Only at XOVER.


What is a Lowest Unique Bid?

Place the lowest bid and win! At XOVER, the member with the lowest unique bid wins the auction, as well as the privilege to purchase the product at the low, low bid price offered.

So what is the Lowest Unique Bid? The Lowest Unique Bid is simply the lowest bid placed on an auction, where nobody else has bidded on the same amount as you.

If you have placed the single unique bid (i.e. no other member has bid on the same amount as you) that is the lowest (i.e. there isn't another single unique bid that is lower than yours), you win! It's as simple as that.

XOVER's reverse bidding auction system awards the winning bid to whoever that has offered the lowest unique single bid for the item.


Bidding & Winning!

Here are tips that will help you bag that next win, so pay attention:

  1. The lowest bid amount (i.e. $0.01) will seldom win, simply because it is the lowest bid, and everybody knows it. However, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't bid on $0.01 because sometimes, everybody else thinks that everybody else has bid on $0.01 when nobody has! Always remember: reverse psychology often yields surprising results.  
  2. Divide & Conquer. Sometimes, when you spread your bids out over a wide spectrum, your chance of hitting the lowest unique bid is higher!